No compromise freshness

We love salmon. And we want our customers to experience the best of it. Het Urker Zalmhuys is partnered with the world’s best salmon farms, providing us with the highest quality fresh whole salmon.

By building a solid network of trusted suppliers, we will be able to deliver a beautiful product, for a long time.

The way we do this is by checking every batch of fresh salmon delivered to our doorstep. No matter the supplier, we will make sure the fish is of pristine quality. Because with the best fish, we can make the best products.


Ancient fishing tradition

Het Urker Zalmhuys is located in the heart of the fishing village of Urk; a former island in the Zuiderzee where the population has made a living from fishing and fish processing for over a thousand years. This is where Het Urker Zalmhuys started, and where it still is.

Het Urker Zalmhuys was founded in 2002, already thriving on experience and generations of knowledge. Within a short period of time, we expanded from a small salmon smokery to a complete supplier of all our customers salmon-wishes. We have become a recognized force in our industry.


The strive for perfection

We know what our customers want. A susatinable, high-quality product from a company that can deliver, every time.

We go above and beyond every industry standard, adhering to all important quality requirements. That’s why we made sure that our source is trustworthy, our process is efficient and our communciation is reliable. We apply our core values in every partnership.

We will never sell you a product we don’t love.

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